Price Action Bible (Edition 1)


Price Action Bible – Bo Turbo Trader Pdf (Edition 1)

– Mindset for consistent profits
– Practice
– Win Rate
– Discipline
– Money Management
– Emotions 

Don’t miss the opportunity to get this Price Action bible (1 edition)

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The ultimate Price Action bible (1 edition) for any kind of financial instrument (Binary Options, Forex, FX Options, Digital Options) any kind of time frame from 1 min over 5 min up to 15 min, 30 min and above, and any kind of broker. This ebook is all you need, especially as a binary options turbo trader or Forex day trader to get profit out of the market, get out of debt, make yourself a living or help your friends and family, and achieve financial freedom.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get this ultimate Price Action bible (1 edition)

File Size: 1,80 MB
Print Length: 275 pages
Publisher: BO Turbo Trader; 1 edition (November 22, 2018)
Publication Date: November 22, 2018


Mindset for consistent profits
– Practice
– Win Rate
– Discipline
– Money Management
– Emotions

Candlestick Patterns
– Hammer, Inverted Hammer, Takuri Line, Shooting Star and Hanging man
– Dragonfly Doji, Gravestone Doji
– spinning top – long-legged Doji, high wave, and rickshaw man
– Pinbar – Pin Bar – Pinocchio bar or Kangaroo Tail
– Tweezer Top and Tweezer Bottom
– bearish harami, bullish harami, and bullish harami cross, and bearish harami cross
– three inside down, three inside up
– descending hawk and homing pigeon
– bearish meeting line – counterattack line and bullish meeting line
– bearish belt hold – black opening shaven head – black opening marubozu
– bullish belt hold – white opening shaven bottom – white opening marubozu
– bearish kicker signal – bullish kicker signal
– matching high and matching low
– bearish stick sandwich and bullish stick sandwich
– bearish breakaway and bullish breakaway
– ladder top and ladder bottom
– tower top and tower bottom
– three stars in the north and three stars in the south
– bearish sash pattern and bullish sash pattern
– engulfing candlestick pattern or the big shadow pattern
– (bearish) dark cloud cover and (bullish) piercing line
– Breakaway gap, exhaustion gap, continuation gap, and common gaps
– rising window and falling window
– Marubozu and big belt
– inside bar and mother bar
– evening star, Morning star and evening Doji star and morning Doji star
– three white soldiers and three black crows

Chart Patterns
– Double Top – M Formation – Mammies and Double Bottom – W Formation – Wollahs
– J-Hook pattern and inverted J-Hook candlestick pattern
– bearish last kiss – bearish pullback and bullish last kiss and bullish breakout
– Head and Shoulders and inverted Head and Shoulders Pattern
– Trend Channel – uptrend and downtrend
– symmetrical triangle
– ascending triangle and descending triangle
– bullish flag and bearish flag
– bullish pennant and bearish pennant
– rising wedge and falling wedge
– Broadening Bottoms and Broadening Tops
– Rectangle Bottoms and Rectangle Tops


– Candlestick Mathematics
– Rejection – market move
– weak SNR and strong SNR
– trending and ranging market
– minor and major trend
– adapting forex strategies to binary options turbo trading
– proper rejection – invalid rejection
– false breakouts – channel breakouts
– reversal and retracements
– highest probability trading setups
– high probability techniques
– market pressures and types of market pressures
– upper shadow and lower wick or tail
– advanced candlestick charting techniques
– overbought and oversold – oscillator – RSI CCI Stochastic Oscillator
– different market conditions and market conditions examples
– the cycle of market emotions, psychology, and dynamics
– trading setups without rejections as confirmation
– multiple time frame trading concept, system, methodology, and strategy
– candlestick moment
– direction of candlestick momentum
– inside swing and outside swing
– support and resistance – minor SNR and major SNR
– false breakout, breakout strategy
– supply and demand, change of polarity – support <-> resistance
– support and resistance based on candlestick pattern
– Elliott wave analysis and Elliott wave principle
– bullish candlestick chart psychology  – pressure reading
– bearish candlestick chart psychology  – pressure reading
– reading candlestick charts and candlestick analysis
– predict next candle direction  – next candlestick prediction
– analysis candlestick chart and running candlesticks
– identify entry points and how to find entry points
– predicting the direction of running candlestick
– market conditions to avoid using candlestick analysis
– best time to trade, the best day of the week to trade
– everything about Bollinger bands
– everything about moving averages
– Fibonacci Retracements
– Fibonacci Extensions and Projection

High probability trading setups

– BOTT Sure Shot 1 (EMA)
– BOTT Sure Shot 2 (EMA)
– BOTT Sure Shot 3 (EMA)
– BOTT Sure Shot 4 (EMA)

– BOTT Sure Shot 5 (Fibonacci)
– BOTT Sure Shot 6 (Fibonacci)
– BOTT Sure Shot 7 (Fibonacci)
– BOTT Sure Shot 8 (Fibonacci)


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